Unwanted Visitors


Unwanted NPCs enter my home

Sims invited to a party don’t leave after the party is over.


This isn’t a bug but rather a symptom of one. Something triggers a Sim to treat your home as fair game to enter. Sims should be knocking and wait until you invite them in unless they have a house/apartment key.

See solutions below how you can get rid of such Sims. Most of the time, there isn’t a way to keep them from entering cause even locked doors are getting ignored.

Known Causes

I’m unsure of all of these are still active.

  • Sims that call to meal autonomously can make stranger come into your house.
  • Sims that had their keys revoked still enter
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Parties and invitations seem to trigger uninvited Sims to also enter the home.
  • Sims aren’t triggered to leave after the party is over
  • Sims enter homes to drink water
  • Sims enter homes to use objects
  • Sims enter homes to use spa objects.
  • Sulani is a very hospitable world. There are also scenarios where they help you put out fires. Just seems, it’s not working as intended. Why the option is missing, is unclear.
  • Vendors and other NPCs can spawn through fireplaces. A bug that is probably caused by Father Winter and can also occur in other worlds.
  • Yard sales seem to trigger Sims to enter the lot.


Travel to a different place and back. The unwanted visitor should now be gone.

Travel to a different place, taking the visitor with you, then travel back alone

Check if they have the Ask To Leave or Send Home interaction on them and just send them on their way.