Sims 4 and EA app

    EA app is the new Download Manager for all EA games that will replace Origin soonish. This post answers some questions concerning the app and Sims 4.

  • Update

    Patch 1.93.129

    Today's patch gives us a few patch fixes. Sims will run again and aren't obsessed with changing the color of their phone anymore. They also fixed the bug where you couldn't alter the chest on opposite frame Sims.

  • News

    Free Base Game starting October 18th 2022

    Starting October 19th, 2022 the base game will be free for all players. This raises questions of course. I tried to put together a list of the most important ones.

  • Update

    Patch 1.92.145

    Today's patch brings a few new things like a adjusted help-system, a new trait, a fan and more tattoos. Lessons have been adjusted.

  • Update

    Patch 1.91.205

    Today we get a small patch with some bug fixes. The main part of this patch is the fix for the so called Groundhog Day bug where progress isn't saved and every time you travel/go to CAS you jump back in time. The bug exists in more or less severe forms and we'll have to see if the patch fixes all of them.

  • Update

    Patch 1.91.186

    Todays patch is mainly fixing issues with pronouns and brings a new tutorial in form of scenarios. The old tutorial has been turned off a while ago and this now seems to be the new version. Not many bugs were fixed. The only highlight is that they tuned down the phone usage.

  • Bug
    Open Bugs

    High school students are stuck at C Student

    My teens go to school every day, sit in class, do their homework and have good reports for their exams. The bar for performance is also maxed out and the check mark is there yet their grades are not going up and they are stuck at C Student