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Fashion Photographer: Approved Photos don’t appear in the mail


This was fixed in Patch 1.55.105


As part of the gig my Sim is supposed to post a photo to Fashion Simstagram but I don’t get the photos back after sending them to approval.


Photos taken in portrait mode seem broken.

The photos should be back in the mail box after 1-2 days.


Try only taking pictures in landscape mode.

If that doesn’t work, here’s some other suggestions:

There’s currently no real solution but you an try the following things

  • Replace the mailbox
  • Check your household inventory, especially on Monday after bills have arrived
  • If there’s more than one Sim in your household, check the other Sims inventory to make sure they’re not there.
  • Send as many photos as possible for approval.

This is how it should work

  1. Sims takes a photo that fulfills the requirements and sends them to the client.
  2. A bit later you should get a message if your photo was approved or declined. If you had at least one of them approved, you’ll now need to wait 24-48 hours. After that they should be back in your mail box
  3. Make sure that the photo is in the inventory of the Sim that applied for the gig
  4. Click on your computer then Freelancer > Post Photo to Fashion Simstagram.