Portraits are far too small/big


My Sims portraits and the rest of the UI is far to small/too big


The size of the UI depends on the resolution of your screen. The higher the resolution, the smaller the portraits. Especailly if you are using a 4K screen


The game offers the option to set the UI scale through the tab accessibility since Patch 1.58.63

Untick the option to Auto-Scale to freely move the slider. It’s best to avoid the red area for undesired results. If you get yourself into a situation where you can’t set the slider anymore, use CTRL-U to revert to the standard settings.


Make sure the game is closed

Navigate to your user folder in the file system and find the file Options.ini. If you have known extensions hidden you will only see the file as Options.

Right-Click on the file and choose: Open with and then Editor (you can use any text editor of your choosing).

Change the desired options

Save your changes. Make sure, Windows doesn’t add a txt as extension. The file needs to say an ini file and needs to have the corresponding icon.

Start the game.


Make sure the game is closed.

Search for the line: uiscale = 100 and change the value to your liking. Values smaller than 100 make the UI bigger, bigger values make it smaller. I would recommend 50 as value if your UI was too small and 200 if it was too big.

Start the game and check if you like the result. If not, go back to the file and change the value until you find one you like.

One unsatisfactory solution is to change the resolution of your game.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose game options. On the tab Graphics change the resolution. 1920×1080 for example would be a good resolution for 16:9 screens.

Unfortunately, it’s not always really what you want, then at the end of the day, you want to take advantage of that great resolution your screen offers you.