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No Coworkers at the Science Career


This bug was fixed in Patch 1.52.100


My Sim is in the science career and I have a few task to do that involve coworkers. Only issue, there are no coworkers on my lot. My Sim is all alone.


The issue seems to root in the filter for coworkers for the science career which decides who can work there. According to simvasion only unemployed NPCs can work there which an lead to a shortage. No new Sims are being created for the career.


The easiest way is to assign Sims to the science career. They will appear if they have the job when your Sim goes to work.

  1. Create a new family of 8 Sims and move them in somewhere.
  2. Change to that family and assign all 8 Sims to the science career.
  3. Change back to your family and go to work.
  4. There should now be co-workers.

As an alternative you can just assign the career to random Sims in your world.