Sims 4

There are a few sites that offer Beta Downloads for the Sims 4 or tell you to sign up for it.

Those sites are not LEGIT and by downloading something you most probably get a virus. Do not use those sites.

Yesterday, EA decided to tease us with the code on their website here:

Translating this code from simlish gives us a latin text which starts with Lorem Ipsum, a text commonly used as placeholder in new blogs or to show of templates or other reasons. Nothing really interesting.

The text has now been changed to names: Rachel Franklin (SimGuruRachel), Jill Johnson (SimGuruJill), Aaron Cohen (SimGuruAaron), Lyndsay Pearson (SimGuruLynday). Kevin Hogan (SimGuruKevin), Grant Rodiek (SimGuruGrant), Azure Bowie (SimGuruAzure),  Stephanie Tran (SimGuruSteph)

Each name is a new guru, involved in Sims 4, that you can now follow on twitter. Below is the solution to the code as far as we know it now. Putting it in spoiler tags for those who wanna try themselves.

Because you took the time to decode this message, here’s why we love you:

  • Your creativity captivates us, your enthusiasm inspires us
  • May 23, June 18, July 9, remember these days
  • Without you, we wouldn’t have come this far.

We’re making this game for you, because of you. Thank you for being the greatest fans in the world

Last Updated: March 24, 2021