Choose the language

When installing the game, you’ll be prompted to choose your language (please be aware that not all languages are available for all countries).

The game supports the following languages:

English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean.

Once you installed the game in a certain language, you can switch them with little effort. Be aware that you’ll need a working Internet connection for it.

Steps to switch the language

  • Backup your user files
  • Open Origin and right-click on the game.
  • Choose Game Properties.OriginGameProperties
  • Choose your language from the drop down menuGameLanguage
  • Wait for the game to verify your files and install the necessary language files (this is being done every time even if you’ve already installed the game in that language before)Verify
  • If you install a certain language for the first time, you will also need to agree to the end user license agreement
  • Start your game. Note that you might not have your save games and other content in the game at this point. If you want to continue with the game you played in the old language, you will need to manually move the files (see below). You do need to start the game once for the new user folder to create.
  • If you see your old save games, you are all set and can skip these steps below.
  • If you don’t see your old save games, close the game to move your files over.

Steps to manually move the user files

  • Go to your user files which can be found in Documents\Electronic Arts
  • Depending on your language you might have two Sims 4 folders now that are named slightly different. You will need to copy all files from the old user folder to the new one.
  • Open the folder that has the name in the language you had before (if you had English, it will be called The Sims 4)
  • Open the folder that has the name of the language you have now (if you have German now, it will be called Die Sims 4) in a different window
  • Copy the files over. Be aware that some folders are named differently depending on the language you installed the game in. Copy the files over folder by folder to whatever seems appropriate (ex. Recorded Videos –> Aufgenommene Videos). Some folders might also be missing since they are only created when used. You can just copy those over. Wrongly named folders make the content not appear in the game so make sure you copy the files to the appropriate folder.

Further Reading