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    Technical Issues

    Cheat Console doesn’t open

    Problem I try to open the cheat console but nothing happens I try to open the cheat console but the game only takes a screenshot The cheat console opens in fullscreen and windowed fullscreen mode but not in windowed mode. Things to try Make sure you use the correct key combination (CTL-SHIFT-C). Mac uses the same combination. Make sure that no screenshot or other program is running in the back that uses the same key combination like Gyazo. Especially HP computers tend to have pre-installed software that conflict with the cheat shortcut. Make sure to disable those background programs. If…

  • Fixed Tech Issue
    Fixed Error

    [FIXED] Loading Screen flickers and over-imposes

    Problem The loading screen just flickers and recedes to the top of the screen. The map also over-imposes itself multiple times Cause This issue is caused by Origin in game.  It occurs if the horizontal resolution is below 1024 or the vertical resolution is below 768. It can also occur if you play in windowed mode. Solution Deactivate Origin in game. If  this doesn’t work, try restarting Origin afterwards and make sure ts4.exe is not running in the background.

  • Tutorial

    Start Sims 4 in Windowed/Fullscreen Mode

    Sometimes it's necessary to start the game in windowed (or fullscreen) mode to be able to run it in the first place. Since you can't change the graphics options without entering the game, extra methods are needed to switch the mode from outside the game. There are two options to do this.