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    [FIXED] Some Vampire powers don’t work anymore

    Update These bugs have been fixed in Patch 1.59.73 and Patch 1.53.115 Problem I tell my vampire to use dark meditation to restore their energy but all they do is wave and then do nothing My vampire has the power Influence Emotions. I can’t find the option on my Sim anymore. My vampire doesn’t have the power Influence Emotions. I can still see the option on my Sim though but it’s not working. The Sim only waves. Cause According to Simvasion Patch 1.52.100 added some testing if a Sim stands in the water. This has broken those interactions. On top of that,…

  • Bug Fixed
    Fixed Bugs

    [FIXED] Unable to gain power points after Grandmaster Level

    Update This issue was fixed completely (also for existing games) in Patch 1.52.100 for PC/Mac and in Patch 1.16 for console. Problem My vampire has reached level grandmaster and now I don’t get any extra power points anymore. The bar is full but doesn’t move anymore. Cause According to SDPhantomGamer there’s a small error that only allows to level for a single time instead of multiple times. Because of this, you can only get extra points once and after that, the bar gets stuck. Solution Make sure the faulty Vampire is active, then open the cheat console with ctl-shift-c and : stats.set_stat…

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    Vampires don’t skate properly

    Problem I commanded my Vampire Sim to go skating but they don’t really skate properly. They do a little circle and then stop. Cause This is caused by the Always Fly as bat/mist interaction on Vampires. Solution Disable Always Fly as Bat/Mist and the vampire will start skating normal. AHQ Thread Please click me too on this thread if you’re affected by the issue Ghosts & Vampire with Mist Form or Bat active cannot Skate

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