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    [FIXED] Toddler: Toy gets stuck

    Update This issue was fixed in Patch 1.53.115 for PC/Mac. It’s still an issue on Console There’s still a few reports of it not being fully fixed. Problem My toddler played with a toy and that’s now stuck in her hand. Because of this she can’t sleep, eat or go potty. I’m sending my toddlers to bed/to go potty but they immediately get up again. Cause Unclear but it seems to affect all objects that go into the toddlers inventory such as books, plates and tablets. Solution There are several ways to get rid of the toy Reset the toddler…

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    Sims don’t change clothing

    Problem My Sim is always wearing everyday clothing: To take a shower, to go to sleep. He doesn’t even try to change it. The action to change to nude does nothing and just drops from the queue. Cause If you move in a NPC or download a Sim from the gallery, you never know what you get. Some of these Sims have hidden traits that don’t get removed when you upload them to the gallery or move them in. Some of these traits have negative effects like your Sims can’t age or die anymore. Cause for this bug are suspects…

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    Can’t read to toddler

    Problem I’m trying to read a book to my toddler but the Sim just waves or the action is dropped from the queue I’m trying to put my toddler to bed but the Sim just waves and nothing happens. Cause Waving Sims usually point towards a routing issues – something is in the way and the Sims can’t reach the objects. In the case of reading to toddlers or putting them to bed, the cause is mostly that the long side of the bed is directly adjacent to a wall. or other objects nearby blocking. The action often gets canceled…

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    Sims won’t sleep

    Some tips you can try if your Sims get up shortly after being sent to bed and the energy bar is still low.