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    High school students are stuck at C Student

    My teens go to school every day, sit in class, do their homework and have good reports for their exams. The bar for performance is also maxed out and the check mark is there yet their grades are not going up and they are stuck at C Student

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    [FIXED] Sims come home early from school/work (Lunchpack)

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.53.115 Problem I send my Sim to school/work as always but they’re not staying until the end but come home early. Cause Patch 1.47.49 fixed one cause for this problem but also brought a new one. Sims that have a lunch pack in their inventory will come home when they are eating it instead of eating it in School/at work. Solution Don’t put any lunch packs in the Sims inventory when they go to work/school for the time being.

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