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    Unclickable screen areas/ Mouse cursor doesn’t change

    Problem Certain areas in my game don’t react anymore. For example I can’t load an existing game or changes in CAS are not possible anymore The mouse cursor in my game stays a windows cursor and doesn’t change to a Sims cursor Der Mauszeiger in meinem Spiel bleibt ein Windows-Zeiger und ändert sich nicht in den Sims-Zeiger. Cause This issue is often caused by background programs that cause an overlay. Solution Turn these programs off while you play The following programs are known to cause issues Discord Nvidia GeForce Experience Origin In Game Windows Norifications Video programs Further Reading Mouse…

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    [FIXED] Cursor gets stuck on Camera Icon in CAS

    Update This issue was fixed in Sept 2015 Problem When in CAS, the cursor suddenly gets stuck on the Camera icon and does not want to change back. All you can do is force-close the game. Workarounds If you are only using a touch pad, try plugging in a mouse (if you have). If you are using a mouse, unplug it and plug it in again or try a different mouse (if you have). Try pressing the mouse wheel on your mouse. Try window or full window mode. Left click and hold down and then press the right mouse button while…