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    [MAC] Endless loading screen when trying to load a savegame (Patch 1.68.156)

    Problem I updated my game to Patch 1.68.156/1.34 and now I can’t load my savegames anymore. It loads forever. I started a new save and after creating a Sim and I should be picking a lot for him, all I see is an empty world screen It looks like this is a Mac only issue. Solution Repair your game through Origin. If this doesn’t help, check if all your mods/cc are still compatible with the game. AHQ Thread Please click me too on this thread if you’re affected by the issue WORKAROUND] 11.17.20 patch – game won’t stop loading [CURRENT…

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    [FIXED] Game freezes on Loading Screen

    Problem My game freezes for a few minutes when loading the game. After it loads, I have no issues in game. Cause Patch 1.21 seems to cause some issues with reading the screenshot folder. If you have tons of files in that folder, the game will show above symptom. Solution Clean out your screen shot folder or move everything to a save place. 500 files already seem to be too much. It may depend on your computer though. Further Reading Game hangs on loading Loading a family just reloads the map

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    Game hangs on loading

    Problem My game hangs on the initial loading screen and it takes forever to load. Cause Large save games with lots of downloads can take a while to load. This issue can be caused by a faulty or outdated custom content or mods. Computer doesn’t fulfill minimum requirements This issue occurs if you have an active connection and files in the Tray folder (your houses and Sims). Patch 1.21 had an issue that a large amount of screenshots freeze the game. Solution Remove incompatible mods and delete your cache files. Use the 50/50 method to find the any outdated or corrupted…