• Error
    Technical Issues

    Camera is spinning uncontrollably fast

    Problem My Sim starts to uncontrollably spin as soon as I click on him. This happens mostly in CAS but also in Live Mode https://sims4.crinrict.com/files/glitch.mp4 Cause This issue seems to be connected to the Windows Update 1903 from June 14th 2019. ReShade seems to have issues with this update since the problem was solved for people by uninstalling/closing the program. Gaming Mouse with high sensitivity Incompatible Mods. Other Overlays (Discord, Nvidia, ..) Solution Roll Back to an earlier version of Windows. Uninstall/Turn off ReShade. Turn off Origin in Game. Turn off Discord Overlay If this doesn’t help you, try a…

  • Graphics Issue

    Blurry Graphics

    Problem Everything is all blurry in live and build/buy mode Solution Start the game Click on the three dots in the upper right corner Go to graphics options and turn off  Post Processing effects. If that doesn’t help, you can lower your options and turn on Laptop mode.