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    [FIXED] Extreme Lag when placing wallpaper on walls

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.44.88. Problem When placing wallpaper (and sometimes floor tiles) the game lags extremely and I can hardly place anything Cause Patch 1.44.83 only somewhat helped with this issue so it’s still treated as open bug. According to SimGuruNick on twitter, the lag only occurs on blocks attached to roofs. Workaround Delete every roof object first, then place the wallpaper Be aware that this is only a temporary workaround until Maxis can fix the issue permanently. AHQ-Bug Thread on the Issue [WORKAROUND] Extreme Lag When placing wallpaper on walls

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    [FIXED] Lags and Freezes – Patch 1.24.102

    Update This specific issue was fixed in Patch 1.24.112 Lags and freezes still occur for various reasons though. There’s many different causes. Issue My game freezes and lags since patch 1.24.102. Everything was ok before. The gallery and library are especially bad. Cause The problem seems to be caused by to many files in the tray folder. The size doesn’t seem important. It’s the number of files. There could be other reasons but for most people it seems to be this. Solution Move the following folder to the desktop: documents\electronicarts\thesims4\tray until EA/Maxis can fix this issue. Do not delete the folder.…

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    Time Freeze/Reset

    Problem The game is freezing frequently. While the Sim is frozen, time goes on until it unfreezes and then resets itself to before the freezing occurred. It’s most visible if you speed up your time. Skill bars also continue to advance are being reset when the game unfreezes. Steps to reproduce the issue This issue is very hard to reproduce if you’re not affected by it. If you are, you’ll see it constantly. Even save games that have the issue, may not have it on a different computer. Info about the issue It’s not caused by Mods or Downloads although…