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    Gallery Newsfeed stays empty

    Problem There are no entries in my gallery newsfeed when I choose the tab News in the gallery. The List stays empty. I also get a LastUIException. Cause Unclear, probably some kind of caching error. Solution Close the game Navigate to your windows documents folder (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4) Delete the following file: notify.glob The file should re-generate on the next game start and you’ll also see the newsfeed again.

  • By Design
    By Design

    Missing Uploads in the Gallery

    Update The standard has been set back to newest. Problem Since the gallery update from July 31st, 2018, I’m missing a lot of items in my gallery when I’m filtering by a certain EA Account ID or a hashtag. I know there should be more results but I’m not getting many results. Cause The problem is, that the default sort by was changed from newest to popular now. Popular now not only sorts but also filters the uploads to only show the ones you uploaded in the past 7 days. Solution Change the sort by to either newest or most…

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    Fixed Error

    [FIXED] Lags and Freezes – Patch 1.24.102

    Update This specific issue was fixed in Patch 1.24.112 Lags and freezes still occur for various reasons though. There’s many different causes. Issue My game freezes and lags since patch 1.24.102. Everything was ok before. The gallery and library are especially bad. Cause The problem seems to be caused by to many files in the tray folder. The size doesn’t seem important. It’s the number of files. There could be other reasons but for most people it seems to be this. Solution Move the following folder to the desktop: documents\electronicarts\thesims4\tray until EA/Maxis can fix this issue. Do not delete the folder.…

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    Uploaded Content does not appear in gallery

    Problem I uploaded a lot/ a Sim to the gallery but even after a few hours it does not show up there Cause The most common cause for this is that the gallery filters out lots and households that contain custom content. The gallery has a mechanism that checks if your upload as custom content and then marks your upload as such. Sometimes stuff without custom content is categorized as containing custom content. For example are pictures of custom content are also classified as custom content. Photos and paintings that were painted by reference also often wrongly count as custom content.…