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    Game/Time is freezing (Patch 1.68)

    EA is aware of the issue and working on it Problem My game suddenly completely freezes and I can’t do anything. After a while it even crashes. The animations go on. Cause There are several causes for this issue Father Winter doesn’t appear at Winterfest/ Endless Generation of Father Winter Routing issues with Platform Other unknown causees Symptoms About 1: Typically this issue comes with any of the following symptoms You had a winterfest and Father Winter never showed. The game/clock freezes (Info: If your Sim freezes but time goes on then you most likely have a deadlock between Sims…

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    [FIXED] Game freezes when trying to freshen up in the dwelling

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.68.154 Problem My Sim traveled to Batuu and wants to freshen up in the dwelling. Unfortunately this leads to the game freezing up. All I can do is close it through the task manager. The main issue is that I can’t progress in the Batuu missions if the game freezes before the Sim gets a chance to tick off the task. Cause This looks to be caused by the reward trait Steel bladder. It’s possible that other traits that freeze or slow down needs are also at fault. The Queue fills up with empty…

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    [FIXED] Lags and Freezes – Patch 1.24.102

    Update This specific issue was fixed in Patch 1.24.112 Lags and freezes still occur for various reasons though. There’s many different causes. Issue My game freezes and lags since patch 1.24.102. Everything was ok before. The gallery and library are especially bad. Cause The problem seems to be caused by to many files in the tray folder. The size doesn’t seem important. It’s the number of files. There could be other reasons but for most people it seems to be this. Solution Move the following folder to the desktop: documents\electronicarts\thesims4\tray until EA/Maxis can fix this issue. Do not delete the folder.…

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    [FIXED] Game freezes on Loading Screen

    Problem My game freezes for a few minutes when loading the game. After it loads, I have no issues in game. Cause Patch 1.21 seems to cause some issues with reading the screenshot folder. If you have tons of files in that folder, the game will show above symptom. Solution Clean out your screen shot folder or move everything to a save place. 500 files already seem to be too much. It may depend on your computer though. Further Reading Game hangs on loading Loading a family just reloads the map

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    Time Freeze/Reset

    The game is freezing frequently. While the Sim is frozen, time goes on until it unfreezes and then resets itself to before the freezing occurred. It's most visible if you speed up your time.