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    Objects are removed from Inventory on Travelling

    Problem My Sim travels to another lot and everything I’ve newly added to my inventory is being removed. My Sim travels to another lot and everything I’ve deleted from my inventory is back. Cause The issue occurs if a lastException (LE) occurs while the Sim is travelling. The inventory is being reset to the state of the last saved game. The main issue are Sims that are children of Father Winter although not those Sims are affected but some others. The Father Winter Baby trait is causing a LE while travelling which resets the inventory. The Sims that have the…

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    [FIXED] Father Winter’s offsprings are missing from my save game

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.47.51 Issue My Sim has vanished from my save game. He’s not in the family tree nor anywhere else to be found. He was an child of Father Winter. All other Sims are still there. Cause A Bug in Patch 1.47.49 removes all children of father Winter from the game. Solution Currently there’s none. I would recommend to not load any save games that have children of Father Winter with the patch. If you have already done so and also saved your game, then it’s probably best to make sure you keep a backup…