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    [FIXED] Toddler: Toy gets stuck

    Update This issue was fixed in Patch 1.53.115 for PC/Mac. It’s still an issue on Console There’s still a few reports of it not being fully fixed. Problem My toddler played with a toy and that’s now stuck in her hand. Because of this she can’t sleep, eat or go potty. I’m sending my toddlers to bed/to go potty but they immediately get up again. Cause Unclear but it seems to affect all objects that go into the toddlers inventory such as books, plates and tablets. Solution There are several ways to get rid of the toy Reset the toddler…

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    [FIXED] Sims reset on using the Digitalistic Sketchpad/ Eating

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.48.90 Problem My Sim is using the new Digitalistic Sketchpad but nothing happens. Sometimes he picks it up but then it just lands on the floor My Sims can’t eat. The action either disappears from the queue or the meal ends up on the floor. Cause The details are still unclear yet but it seems to affect only houses with pools. The bug starts to affect other interactions over time The sketch pad becomes useless after the reset and needs to be replaced. Suggestions Change the pool until it works (make it smaller/bigger, move…

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    [CC RELATED] Sims can’t eat / put food on the floor

    Problem My Sims won’t eat. After cooking they just put the food on the floor Cause This issue is caused by CC beds which all need an overhaul after the High School Year Patch This issue is caused by CC-sofas/benches (2 and 3 seater) which all need an overhaul with the Cats & Dogs Patch. Solution Download S4Studio and batch-fix all your sofas and benches or the beds Replace your sofas with game ones. Only use custom content sofas that were created after Nov 17th 2017 Remove any recolors you have, especially form snow mod and similar. Further Reading Sims…

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    Restaurant: Food is not being served/cooked

    Problem My cook is cooking the meal but does so in a loop. Food never finishes Cause This is caused by routing issues, especially if the chef station and the tray where they put the food on is not accessible. Lamps that sit low above a table can lead to routing issues. According to some report, it’s necessary to place popcorn and ice cream maker as well as fridge, microwave and coffee/esperesso machine on your lot if you want to offer these things at your restaurant. This only seems to affect your own restaurant. Not the ones you visit. I’m…

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    [FIXED] ‘Too Spicy’ reaction while eating

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.15.55 Problem During each meal the Sims do a too spicy animation all the time although the food is not really spicy. Cause A small bug in a line of code that has a big effect on the game. Solution Ignore the animation or eat ice cream only. They don’t seem affected. Mods that solve the issue Normal Eating (1.14 Spicy Food Fix) by plasticbox