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    Sims reset when using the Digitalistic Sketchpad

    Problem My Sim resets when trying to draw something on the Digitalistic Sketchpad. He does begin drawing but when almost finished, the tablet lands on the floor and any open freelancer tasks aren’t counted as done. Cause Unclear Solution None Mods that help with the issue Digitalistic Sketchpad Fix by Arckange AHQ Thread Please click me too on this thread if you’re affected by the issue [OPEN] Sims reset using the Digitalistic Sketchpad

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    [FIXED] Sims reset on using the Digitalistic Sketchpad/ Eating

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.48.90 Problem My Sim is using the new Digitalistic Sketchpad but nothing happens. Sometimes he picks it up but then it just lands on the floor My Sims can’t eat. The action either disappears from the queue or the meal ends up on the floor. Cause The details are still unclear yet but it seems to affect only houses with pools. The bug starts to affect other interactions over time The sketch pad becomes useless after the reset and needs to be replaced. Suggestions Change the pool until it works (make it smaller/bigger, move…