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    Sim don’t age/die anymore

    Problem My Sim doesn’t age anymore. The age bar is full but the Sim doesn’t age up. When I try to age him with the birthday cake, I get a message that the Sim is not eligible for aging. My Sim also doesn’t die. I tried all kinds of methods but he survives everything. Cause Meeting the Nanny makes Sims immortal Sim is pregnant. Sims with the Weirdo-Trait are immortal Sims that repair stuff around San Myshuno are immortal Sims that used to be Detective Career criminal Solution Immortal Sims usually have a certain hidden trait. This trait can be…

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    My Game constantly crashes

    Problem My game constantly crashes. No error, no warning My game closes and I get the message: Sims 4 has stopped working My computer restarts on it’s own Causes and Suggestions There are many causes for crashing. Below a few things you can try. Do make sure to save often and keep backups. Play in Windowed Mode Keep your graphics drivers updated Make sure the game and Windows are updated Conflicts with other software (especially with pre-installed audio software like Nahimic): Turn off the programs and make sure they are updated. Turn off Origin in Game If you have many…