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    [BY DESIGN] My Sim is wearing gloves/shoes everywhere – even while taking a shower

    Problem My Sim is always wearing gloves – While showering, while sleeping, on all outfits. My Sim is always wearing shoes – While showering, while sleeping, on all outfits, even when the no shoe rule is in place I’ve checked CAS but there aren’t any gloves on any outfit and I can’t find those specific shoes either. Cause This isn’t a bug but the climbing gear. You can equip your Sim with climbing gear that helps with those tricky walls. You can buy it on the computer. Unfortunately, taking it off after climbing gets often forgotten which leads to the…

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    Sims don’t change clothing

    Problem My Sim is always wearing everyday clothing: To take a shower, to go to sleep. He doesn’t even try to change it. The action to change to nude does nothing and just drops from the queue. Cause If you move in a NPC or download a Sim from the gallery, you never know what you get. Some of these Sims have hidden traits that don’t get removed when you upload them to the gallery or move them in. Some of these traits have negative effects like your Sims can’t age or die anymore. Cause for this bug are suspects…

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    [FIXED] Scientists and Detective career lab techs are wearing weird clothing

    Update April 16th, 2019 This bug was fixed for PC/Mac in Patch 1.51.75 This bug is still current for Console Problem All my scientist in the science career as well as the lab techs in the detective career are not wearing their scientist outfits but normal ones or even female clothing for males. Cause It seems that with the changes for the StrangerVille Gamepack a reference for the clothing of Get To Work was missed. Solution Currently none Mods that help with the issue Fixed Scientist Outfits by KlingonDragon

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    [FIXED] Sim doesn’t wear assigned club outfit

    Update This issue should no longer occur with newer CC Problem My Sim does not wear the assigned club outfit I can’t use custom content on my club outfits Cause If your Sim is wearing any custom content on their Everyday 1 outfit, they won’t change into their assigned club outfit Custom content doesn’t seem to work with club outfits Solution None at the moment other than not using custom content on those Sims or not using club outfits for the moment.  

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    [FIXED] Issues with Custom Content in CAS

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.6.69. Problem My downloaded custom content appears in CAS as clothing for aliens The filters for my custom content is totally messed up. The clothing is is visible in all categories. Cause Maxis changed something about the Instance- and Group-IDs which now leads to these issues. Solution There are none except not to use the custom content at the moment or to live with it. The next patch is supposed to fix this issue. You will then need to delete the file localthumbcache.package. The file will be recreated and the issue should be fixed. Mods that help…

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    [FIXED] [MAC] Graphical Issues in CAS

    Problem My Sims looks awful in CAS. looks pixalated or has little holes Cloth are only partially loading Cause Seems that users with Intel 4000 Chips are affected by this, especially if you change the default settings Solution Leave your settings at default. If you have already changed them and can not get back into your game to change them back, move the options.ini file that can be found in the user folder (sorry, I do not know where to find that at this point) to a different location and let the game create a new one. Update your system…