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    [FIXED] Sims and Objects unclickable in Cheat Mode

    Update This was fixed in Patch 1.55.105 Problem When I press ctl-shift-c to enter a cheat my game gets dark and I can’t click on any Sims or objects. Therefore I can’t actually use the cheats. Writing cheats still works normally. I also can’t leave the mode. Cause A bug that came with Patch 1.54.120. Solution Enter the cheat you need, then Can the mode by hitting the ESC key (or pressing ctl-shift-c again). After that you can shift-click on any object again.

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    Cheat Console doesn’t open

    Problem I try to open the cheat console but nothing happens I try to open the cheat console but the game only takes a screenshot The cheat console opens in fullscreen and windowed fullscreen mode but not in windowed mode. Things to try Make sure you use the correct key combination (CTL-SHIFT-C). Mac uses the same combination. Make sure that no screenshot or other program is running in the back that uses the same key combination like Gyazo. Especially HP computers tend to have pre-installed software that conflict with the cheat shortcut. Make sure to disable those background programs. If…

  • By Design
    By Design

    [BY DESIGN] Several Cheats Broken with Seasons Patch 1.44.77

    Update Some cheats like the skilling ones are now working again. Others are permanently deactivated. Einige Cheats wie die Cheats für die Fähigkeiten funktionieren inzwischen wieder. Andere wurden permanent deaktiviert. Issue Currently there are quite a few Cheats that are no longer function in the game. So far, these have been identified All Skilling Cheats ResetObjects Sims.remove_all_buffs (generell all Cheats mit buffs) stats.set_stat commodity_BecomingVampire 2160 and other vampire cheats sims.fill_all_commodities, stats.fill_commodities_household modify funds Pregnancy cheats sims.age_up Cause EA/Maxis disabled some of the cheats as they probably had bad side effects. Solution Cheat Fix von TwistedMexi

  • By Design
    By Design

    [NOT BUG] Cheat to modify friendship doesn’t work anymore

    Problem I would like to adjust my relationships with the cheat modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim1> <LastNameSim1> <FirstNameSim2> <LastNameSim2> x Friendship_Main nut nothing happens. Modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim1> <LastNameSim1> <FirstNameSim2> <LastNameSim2> x Romance_Main still works fine. Cause The cheat was adjusted for the cats and dogs expansion pack Solution Use these cheats instead. If you have a pet with no last name, this doesn’t seem to work. Between Sims: modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim1> <LastNameSim1> <FirstNameSim2> <LastNameSim2> x LTR_Friendship_Main Between pets and Sims: modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim> <LastNameSim> <FirstNamePet> <LastNamePet> x LTR_SimToPet_Friendship_Main FirstName= First name of the Sim/Pet, LastName= Last Name of the Sims/Pet, x = Value to which you wanna cheat…