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    ‘Star of Paradise’ fountain missing from build mode

    The 'Star of Paradise' fountain from the Courtyard Oasis kit can't be found in build mode. None of the filters work. The old place in build mode where the fountains used to be was removed and the new category water features doesn't have it. Even turning on Debug mode doesn't help.

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    New Highlight resets itself

    Problem I clicked on all the new things and they are not being shown as new anymore but as soon as I change to a different category and back, the highlights are also back. Cause Probably a corruption of the file ReticulatedSplinesView. Solution Delete the following file: Documents\Electronic Arts\TheSims 4\ReticulatedSplinesView. Start the game to recreate the file By deleting the file, all new highlights will be set back and you need to click on everything again. This time it should stick though. If you don’t want to click on every object/clothing, you can also use this method to remove all the…

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    [FIXED] Error Code 102/122:17323105654587864710

    Problem When trying to switch to build mode from manage world, I get the following error message: The game failed to load. Error Code: 122:17323105654587864710:8762625905905795483730. It is recommended that you relaunch the game. When trying to load my family I get the following error code The game failed to load. Error Code: 102:17323105654587864710:8762625905905795483730. It is recommended that you relaunch the game. Cause This error is caused by the trait beloved which you get for completing the Friend of the world aspiration. There could be other causes for this error cause it’s probably related to relationship to Sims which are no…