Cross-Plattform Compatibility

Cross-platform is not officially supportend by EA/Maxis.


Sims 4 has been release on several platforms and game shops and many have questions about how they are compatible among each other and what has to be bought anew.

The base game itself is now free everywhere which leaves the question of the DLC. It can be attractive to mix-and-match since different shops have different sales.

The FAQ below gives an overview on what you can combine and what not.

  • Looking from your EA accounts point of view, Mac and Windows are the same platform. Because of this you can switch between Mac and Windows as you like. Your game is tied to your EA account and you can download the game through Origin (Mac) or EA app (Windows) as long as you login with the same account.
  • There is no compatibility between Playstation, Xbox and Mac/Windows. If you want to change consoles or move over to Mac/Windows you will need to re-buy all DLC. you won’t be able to play on PC/Mac or another console platform even if you connect your console with your EA account.
  • If you move to another generation computer/console within the same platform, you can do so without issues as long as you use the same account. So if you for example move from PS4 to PS5, you’ll still have all the DLC you have already bought. The game is tied to your account and can be re-used on a newer device as long as it’s the same platform as before.

Yes, this is possible but only for Windows. Steam doesn’t have a Console or Mac version.

The game needs to be started through Steam if you want to see all content you bought there. The Ea app does not recognize content bought on Steam. EA app also needs running in the background.

Details can be found here: The Sims 4 – Steam Version.

Yes, this is possible but only for Windows. Epic doesn’t have a Console or Mac version.

You can start the game through either Epic or EA app. EA app also needs running in the background.

I don’t have any details on this as I don’t have an Epic account and I also don’t plan to make one.

As far as I know, this does not work. You can connect your Steam and Epic account but I don’t think either Steam or Epic are capable of seeing each others DLC.

According to reports, it’s possible to use DLC from all Epic, Steam and EA app as long as you connect all your accounts to your EA account.

To be safe, it’s always best to only buy EA game through authorized sellers.

Codes that you buy this way are redeemed on your EA Account and downloaded through EA app/Origin. They act as if you directly bought them with EA.

Last Updated: May 14, 2023