Patch 1.97.42/1.73

Your mods will be automatically disabled.
Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again and backup your save games.
Please also read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching

Today’s patch brings a few new clothing, a new song as well as support for the newest Apple chipsets. There are also some important bug fixes.

Chefs no longer stand in front of the restaurant for two hours before going in, infants no longer stretch while doing certain activities and don’t need to be introduced to their parents anymore. Sims on a mountain excursion don’t get stuck halfway up the hill, pregnant Sims now progress properly and the pack value panel are visible for werewolfs again.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Hello Simmers

We had a case of stretchy Sims running around—especially in the younger ages. In this update, we’ve been working to get them back to their correct proportions—among other things.

  • The Sims Team

What’s New ?

In this update we have new decoration options to help you add that personal touch to your builds, new underwear options, and The Sims 4 gets Mac native support for those Simmers using M1/M2 processors. First on the What’s New? List though is a Sims Sessions collab with Becca Hatch, so let’s jump in.

Sims Sessions x Becca

Australian singer Becca Hatch and producer Tentendo have teamed up with The Sims 4 to bring Blessed, or should that be Boofed, to your Sims when they tune into the Pop radio station.

Be sure to watch this Sims Sessions episode where Becca describes her inspirations and shows off what goes into singing a song in Simlish in the Sims Sessions Episode below.

Becca Hatch & Tentendo – Blessed | Sims Sessions

That’s not all, Becca’s Simself will be available to download directly from the Gallery and can join your Sims in their worlds.

This release brings native support for Apple silicon chipsets on top of the ongoing support for those with an Intel-based Mac

New underwear options for Young Female and Young Male Sims are available in CAS (Create a Sim)

Hi everyone, SimGuruBeth here! I’m very excited about today’s update, especially the new decor placement options you’ll find across various bathroom fixtures. It was so fun to work with the team and add new small decorative slots to toilets, standalone sinks, bathtubs and more! And in some cases there was room to support a medium decorative slot. These build mode quality of life updates are one of my favorite things to work on as an object modeler; they add so many more options for designing any build.

And in addition to the above updates, a few new color variants have been added to round out some of our basics for the Towel Storage Rack (full and empty version) and the Countryside Caress Medicine Cabinet.

Bug Fixes

  • We still can’t find a keyboard with the Any Key, but if you were to press Any Key on your keyboard while on the start screen, the game would load as it should.
  • While console Simmers can use both the Sims 4 Camera and Sims 3 Camera options when using a mouse and keyboard it wasn’t the intent that only one of the two camera modes would let you interact with objects in Build Mode. Console simmers using a mouse and keyboard and using either camera mode, objects can, again, be interacted with and adjusted as expected.
  • PlayStation Simmers visiting the Gallery will no longer see uploads and comments from profiles that have been blocked directly on PlayStation. This is in combination with the in-game provided block list which can still be used to block players from all platforms at the EA Account level.
  • Infant food preferences no longer reset when going to CASfrom Manage Worlds and returning to the game.
  • Caregivers have a lot to tend to with a Newborn in the home… Between the crying, sleeping, eating, and diaper changing, their kid is always on their mind. They definitely shouldn’t forget who their Newborn is when they age up to an infant. Parents will no longer need to introduce themselves to their little one after they’ve aged up to an infant.
  • Toddlers can once again gain Movement Skill while using slides.
  • Weddings can be pretty boring when you’re young; you just want some cake and to play. But that’s no excuse for an infant to stretch while the couple are exchanging vows. Infants should be on their best behavior now… well, the best they can be at that age.
  • Toddlers can be mean, especially to their younger siblings. Infants will no longer stretch in response to being yelled at by a Toddler.
  • Top Surgery Scars are available when you re-enter CAS and not just when you create a new Sim.
  • Fashion is what you make of it, so if you pair the yfTop_GP04JacketCropped with yfBottom_SDX024FullBriefs you shouldn’t be judged by having the underwear clip through the top.
  • Infants like to chew things, it’s all part of teething. Our little ones decided that they wanted to autonomously Chomp their caregiver to the point the interaction queue was filled with the interaction. We’ve told them not to Chomp so much, so they seem to have stopped but what you tell them to do is up to you.
  • Sims with a customized physical frame now have access to a wide range of fingernail options.
  • Some say it’s adorable, others say it’s terrifying. Either way, checking out your infant’s teeth in CAS will not be accompanied by vampiric hissing. We aren’t sure if they retained a thirst for blood though so, don’t blink.
  • A dog being friendly to your infant will no longer cause your infant to stretch.
  • Trying to Go for Jog while your little pooch is hungry won’t cause your Sim to stand in place. Now where is that dog food?
  • A mysterious **DEBUG** gift box (or “Unknown” gift box if you play on consoles) was mistakenly added to the Build Catalog. If you happened to place one on your lot, congratulations—not only do you get to keep it, it’ll even have a real name now. It still doesn’t do anything, but it sure does look like a gift box. Very festive! However, if you’re feeling like you missed out, fear not – you can find your own non-interactive Gift Box object hidden behind the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat.
  • Adventurous Sims will once again be able to push on up to the peak of Mt. Komorebi during their climbing excursion. Onwards and upwards we always say!
  • Climbing gear can be expensive so you want it to last and if it breaks you want to be able to fix it. Now you can do just that and instead of just saying it’s fixed, when you go to equip it, it will actually be fixed and will be equippable.
  • Sims that confront their fear of the dark will not continue to be affected by the Afraid of the Dark Scared Moodlet buff.
  • Child Sims wearing Top_EP13SweatShirt will no longer distort while zooming the camera out in Live Mode.
  • Some of our Sims were a bit overeager to ask to move into your home after becoming friends. We’ve both reduced the frequency of how often you’ll be asked, and we’ve made some adjustments to who can ask. Teens are now excluded, as well as a number of special NPCs. As amusing as it is to have Grim slouching on the sofa all day, he’s got work to do.
  • yfTop_EP13TwoToneBaggyButtonup and ymTop_EP13TwoToneBaggyButtonup will now appear properly when filtering for Masculine and Feminine fashion.
  • yfTop_EP13Camisole no longer shows distortion when worn by your Sims.
  • No matter how well you prepare, you’ll always forget something when going on vacation. In those situations, you hope you can buy what you need when you need it. Sleeping bags will now be able to be purchased while on vacation using your phone.
  • Vegetarian and Child of the Ocean Sims will get negative moodlets if they decide to eat meat or fish from the food stalls when visiting Anchorpoint Wharf.
  • An issue that was occasionally causing a Sim’s pregnancy to not progress has been resolved.
  • Toddlers will now be able to successfully complete the Studied Numbers milestone.
  • When you open a restaurant, you want the best chefs. One thing to look for in an applicant is whether they can successfully manage to enter your establishment. It will be easier to find a suitable candidate now as all chefs should be able to get to the kitchen.
  • Infants no longer stretch in reaction to government agents taking away your refrigerator. Also, what’s in that refrigerator?
  • When you are part of a pack, you expect order and values. Now you’ll be able to check what those values are by opening the Social Group panel and not seeing it be blank.
  • Moonwood Mill trees and vegetation will reflect the changing of the seasons from luscious greens to golden browns and back again.
  • PlaqueWallGenCollections_01_Set30 PLACEHOLDER NAME wasn’t the name of the plaque that was intended. Apparently it was, and now is, Purveyor of Lost Messages. If you haven’t achieved this award yet, maybe pay a visit to the beach and have a look around.

Tiny Living

  • Infants no longer stretch when reacting to living inside a tiny home
Last Updated: April 18, 2023