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By Design

PowerWalk Companion not in the game


I bought the expansion pack Growing Together and also got the Preorder Bonus. I found the Prime of Childhood Swing Set and Lil’ Whalebert Toddler Slide but the PowerWalk Companion is nowhere to be found

If you found these options but can’t find a way to equip the carrier, please remove MC Command Center. The mod needs to be updated. There could be other mods causing this.


The infant carrier don’t need to be bought in build mode or set in CAS. They are available to use as soon as you get an infant.


You can set a preferred carrier for each infant. You can also change it to something else at any time.


Click on the infant and choose Baby-Care –> Set Preferred Back Carrier …

You can then choose your preferred carrier in the appearing window.

Next time you put your infant into the carrier it will now be the one you’ve chosen.