Patch 1.96.397

Your mods will not be disabled this time as this is only a small patch. Please make sure to check them anyways

Please backup your save games

Please read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching.

Today’s patches disables the feature that children can have loose teeth as that had some major issues.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Hi Simmers,

Today’s update is releasing on PC/Mac platforms only. We are addressing an issue in The Sims™ 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack where Sims who lost a tooth were intermittently having their skin tone, hair style, and clothing changed. We are temporarily putting this feature in time out by disabling the ability for Sims to lose a tooth as we prepare a fix to the underlying issue. Keep an eye on @TheSimsDirect for updates on the return of this feature.

We are working to release this update to PlayStation and Xbox platforms as quickly as possible. In the meantime, check the guidance shared on Answers HQ on how to avoid this issue until this update becomes available on those platforms.


Last Updated: March 24, 2023