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Roles in Henford-On-Bagley are replaced by random Sims



This bug was fixed in Patch 1.92.145


When I travel to Henford-On-Bagley all Sims in roles were replaced by random Sims.


According to Simvasion the problem lies with a check in a filter. The filter tests if Sims are famous (they should not be) and the Sims in the roles don’t pass this test anymore.

The issue affects the following Sims

  • Lavina Chopra (Mayor)
  • Kim Goldbloom (Grocery Store Owner)
  • Rahul Chopra (Grocery Deliverer)
  • Sara Scott (Pub Owner)
  • Michael Bell (Creature Keeper)
  • The Crumplebottoms

This also happens to the special roles in Evergreen Harbor and Mt. Komorebi

  • Knox Greenburg (Eco Master)
  • Bess Sterling (Entrepreneur)
  • Tina Tinker (Maker)
  • Yamachan

The roles from Werewolves and Magic Realm are not affected.


Currently none.

The error should not affect actual gameplay. You’ll still have the old families in your game, they just all sold their businesses/dropped out of their roles and are doing something else.

The villager tasks work with the new Sims as well.

The mod won’t replace the existing wrong Sims so you will need to delete those Sims from your household manager or edit them (that should also remove them from their roles). Once you’ve done that, the game picks the original Sims again.