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Zoomers Food Deliver doesn’t bring any food



This bug was fixed in Patch 1.77.146/1.45


Zoomers delivery service arrives on time but they don’t bring any food. There is an option Accept Delivery but if you click on it, nothing happens.


According to Simvasion the bug is triggered by the holding bag animation that doesn’t work properly. Since the delivery works correctly if you have Cottage Living installed, it’s probably a case of the animation not being available without the pack.

The missing animation now causes the bag to go to the inventory of the delivery person instead of his hand and they can’t deliver it properly


This Bug is only present if you don’t own Cottage Living. The bug needs of course still be fixed as it’s no solution to have to buy a pack to fix an issue. I just want to mention it.


The mod replaces the missing animation with a different one. This can look a bit awkward but at least the delivery works.