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Mountain Excursion doesn’t work



This bug was fixed in Patch 1.90.358. It is possible that it still occurs for already bugged games.


I only get a generic lot with a llamacron when planning a mountain excursion instead of the Onsen.

If I choose the lot anyways, I’m taken back to the map instead of the Onsen lot. After that no lot can be loaded anymore. I get an endless loading screen.


That issue seems to be a corruption of the Onsen Lot. It’s unclear what causes them. A user on Reddit has found that it’s related to the Vampire pack.

If your save is affected, you’ll see different symptoms, depending on what you try to do.

Planning the event through the calendar doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on the save game.

You will get above picture when planning an excursion though the calendar as well. If you go ahead and plan the event, you will then see an event with the llamacron in the calendar.

When it’s time for the event, you will get a message that the event is being canceled as the lot is not available.

Planning the excursion through the phone triggers it to occur immediately. The game now tries to travel to the Onsen lot and fails. The game boots you back to the map (no error code). After that no lot loads. You get endless loading.

All you can do is force-close the game through the task manager. Since you can’t save, it should work again if you reload your game. For some players that lead to higher loading times so be patient.

[manus] Error during shutdown of service zone_modifier_service. This will likely cause additional errors in the future. (KeyError: ‘get_current_venue() Lot instance not found:’)

Sometimes even just travelling to the Onsen can lead to an endless loading screen as well. For me it only happened if the Sim was already on another lot in Yukimatsu and I clicked on the Onsen lot to travel there.

Exception during call to test method on <class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.MoveInFromGallery’> (AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘is_residential’)

The festival of snow is also affected by this. Travel to another lot (not the Onsen) and visit the festival from there. Do not travel with the prompt.


The only current workaround is to either disable or uninstall the Vampire pack. The pack has the number GP04. This solution only works for existing saves and depending on how much you played with Vampires, it could lead to issue. Do make sure to backup your save before attempting.

In some save games the mountain excursion is still working. If you have the actual bath house as a selection then you can do the excursion with no issues. If you have a llamacron like the picture above, it’s best to just cancel the event.