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Sims/Pets don’t age with birthday cake/ age-up treat



Sims are fixed now since Patch 1.91.205. The bug is still open for toddlers.


The bug was fixed for pets in Patch 1.72.28/1.39


Dieser Bug mit den Sims wurde in Patch 1.69.57/ 1.35 behoben.



It’s my toddlers birthday but aging with the cake doesn’t work correctly.

Bug Fixed

It’s my Sims birthday and he wants to blow out the candles on the cake. After blowing out the candles the Sim doesn’t age. He just teleports a few meters and goes about his business.

Bug Fixed

I gave my pet a age-up treat but it doesn’t age up.


Unclear. Not all Sims seem affected.

In my own tests it worked when placing the cake outside on a table but not inside on islands or counters.

Reports vary a lot. Some get it to work by going to another lot, others have tried several cake types and a third group has Sims aging anyways although they teleport.

Didn’t have a chance to test pets yet.

Things you can try

  • Just wait until your Sim ages up on it’s own. That should work
  • Try to place the cake on a counter/table with lots of space around.
  • Try on a table/counter outside
  • Try to place the cake on a table instead of table and vice versa.
  • Try a different lot.
  • Try a different cake type