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Routing Issues with Platforms

Update January, 21st, 2021

This bug was fixed in Patch 1.70.84/1.37


  • Objects on platforms block Sims from interacting autonomously with them.
  • My game suddenly completely freezes and I can’t do anything. The animations go on.


Platforms seems to be really sensitive to routing issues for autonomous interactions. If the area isn’t 100% accessible it can lead to freezing of the entire game. The Sims probably try endlessly to do an interaction and that freezes the game.

As far as I can tell as of now it seems to be mostly autonomous interactions causing issues (NPCs or your own Sims if you have autonomy on and you let Sims do what they want).

Especially troublesome are objects placed with MoveObjects on platforms. I don’t have a lot of data on this yet but I found the following two situations to be responsible for freezing (in both cases it was sunken platforms, that caused the issue).

I can’t trigger the issue though if I send the Sims there to interact with the objects. It’s almost impossible to find out what exactly a Sim is doing when it’s happening as you can’t switch Sims once the game freezes.

There should be a time-out in my opinion so Sims don’t endlessly try.

Objects placed wit MoveObjects

Furniture that have been placed in sunken platforms with MoveObjects can lead to routing issues since the Sim can’t properly get there.

Speaker above a small platform

This speaker above a very narrow sunken platform causes issues when the Sim autonomously tries to dance.


Typically this issue comes with any of the following symptoms

  • The game/clock freezes (Info: If your Sim freezes but time goes on then you most likely have a deadlock between Sims somewhere. That’s a different issue)
  • You can’t click anywhere. The clock stays on the current speed, you can’t change between Sims and the interactions menus are not appearing anymore.
  • The game saves endlessly
  • The RAM usage is steady
  • The size of the save game doesn’t increase significantly in size.
  • The game doesn’t crash
  • You don’t get any LastExceptions.
  • If you change to another family in the same save, the game works fine

  • If you replace the house of the family with another, the game works fine.


Try to rebuild the area so it doesn’t cause issues


Don’t use MoveObjects on platforms.