Game/Time is freezing (Patch 1.68)


My game suddenly completely freezes and I can’t do anything. After a while it even crashes.


The issue is caused by the Winterfest .. in detail: The creation of Father Winter.

Father Winter (or rather his beard) can’t be correctly created by the game because of an exception. This leads to the game endlessly creating Sims with the Father_Winter trait. This in turn bloats the save and that has influence on the save game

If you already have Father Winter in your game (named as Clemens Frost), you should be safe but I recommend making a backup before Winterfest just in case.

EA is aware of the issue and working on it


Typically this issue comes with any of the following symptoms

  • The game/clock freezes (Info: If your Sim freezes but time goes on then you most likely have a deadlock between Sims somewhere. That’s a different issue)
  • After a while the game crashes (this happens when the game has eat up all your RAM – yes, even if you have 64 GB of it. This can be monitored with the Task Manager)
  • The game takes forever to load
  • The game saves endlessly
  • If you can save, the size will exponentially grow in size (Savegame Bloating)


Affected saves can only be repaired with a mod, since the households are hidden and can’t be manually deleted. If you have 6000 or more households, you don’t really want to do that anyways

Because of this, there’s only one solution: Load a backup of your save.

As an alternative you can put your save game aside and hope that EA solves this bug in a way that the faulty households get deleted. Play a different save in the meantime.

You can also upload your houses/Sims to gallery (if the save allows) and just place them in a fresh save. You will loose all non-household relationships.

How to Prevent

If you currently don’t have a Father Winter, avoid the Winterfest (or remove Father Winter as a Tradition)

If you do have one, make a backup of your save before attempting Winterfest.

Mods that help with the issue

You need both mods if your save game is already affected from the issue. If not, use LeRoiDeTout’s mod, to fix the LastException that causes the issue. With the mod in, there should be no issues having Winterfests.

Instructions to delete the existing hidden households

You need the base module of MC Command Center as well as MC Cheats.

Warning: Depending on how badly your game already lags, this might no longer be a solution. It needs lots of patience. It’s also not possible to only delete the hidden households but only the ones that don’t live anywhere.

  1. Load the household manager and move all Sims that don’t live anywhere but you want to keep into a house.
  2. Load any lot that has at least one Sim and a mailbox.
  3. Pause the game.
  4. Click on the mailbox and choose MC Cheats > Deletion Cheats.
  5. Delete all homeless Sims
  6. Have patience and wait. This can take a rather long time depending on your computer. You will receive a notification when the process is done. Don’t try to do anything else within the game during that time.
  7. If this process takes longer than an hour, I would cancel it and use the solution without mods above.
  8. Save the game under a new name (the file should now be significantly smaller)
  9. Close the game and reload. Make sure that you now have the other mod active or you can start over with the process.
  10. Speicher dein Spiel unter einem neuen Namen (die Datei sollte nun wieder um einiges kleiner sein).

AHQ Thread

Please click me too on this thread if you’re affected by the issue

kusurusu, LeRoiDeTout