Crashing/Multiple Tech Issues Patch 1.68.154/1.33

Update Nov 18th, 2020

The patch is now out for console as well

Update Nov 17th, 2020

Patch 1.68.156/1.34 addresses the audio crashes and you should now be able to play with sound again. There are still some other crashse going on. The patch has unfortunately  not been released for console yet.

Mac Players also have this new issue: Endless loading screen when trying to load a savegame (Patch 1.68.156) which can be solved with a simply game repair.

To play with audio again, simply remove the line you added to Origin/Steam.

There’s currently this issue that’s still a huge problem: Game/Time is freezing (Patch 1.68)

Update Nov 13th, 2020

SimGuruNick has posted a possible Workaround in the English official forums that you can try. This is only a workaround until EA has fixed the issue

Disable Audio


Try disabling the Audio completely from your game. You can do so by adding the –nosound argument to Origin/Steam at a core level to avoid the audio-related crashes.


  • Try adjusting the master volume in the Game Options to be 0%.  Results with this have been a bit mixed


The game is currently crashing for lots of people. There’s no definite cause found yet and hence very little solutions.

There might be a possible connection to audio as people have reported audio glitching out before the game crashes (Memory Leak). Another theory is that it’s sentiments on existing saves.

As there was a Microsoft .net Update at the same time of the patch, that is also given headaches. Make sure that the VC++ Redistributables are properly installed. (VCRUNTIME140.dll missing and Missing DLL: [msvcpXXX.dll])

Another issue occurring is that multiple Antivirus Programs are recognizing Sims as a virus and hence block it. Make sure you add the Sims 4 as an exception or allow it if prompted by the program.

EA is aware of them and actively working on a fix

Things you can try

There are a few things that folks have had luck with. So please try them.

  2. Backup our saves
  3. Update your graphics drivers
  4. Try play in offline mode
  5. Make sure your .net Framework is properly installed. Try suggestions here: [CURRENT ISSUE] Error messages with MSVCP140.DLL/VCRUNTIME140.dll
  6. Make sure your Windows is all updated.
  7. Be patient (thank you for that)

Threads for help/giving info

There are currently several issues going on that have dedicated threads at AHQ. Try the accepted solutions or first post instructions and post if those don’t help.


Please be aware that the crashing can occur on all platforms although XB1 seems to be less affected then the others. Please post in the appropriate thread for your platform. Please read the first post of each thread for more info

Other issues


Last Updated: March 14, 2021