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[CC WINDOWS/DOORS] Windows and Arches no longer show transparently


All my cc windows and arches are not transparent anymore. There are also a few doors that are affected but not all of them.


In Patch 1.66.139/ 1.31 EA/Maxis changed the way windows/arches and doors work, to allow us free placement of them.

Because of this change, all CC windows/arches and a few doors with windows have now become incompatible with the game and need to be updated by the creators.

There are a few game doors and windows that are also affected.

Windows and doors are still fully functional, it’s a visual issue.


Sim4Studio has now a batch fix to fix all CC Doors and Windows. Some creators have also updated theirs manually.

Please read instructions and backup our user folder before attempting the fixes.

AHQ Thread

Please click me too on this thread if you’re affected by the problem of the non-cc windows

A thread for CC can be found here if you want to keep updated on the status

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