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Actor Career: Pop-Up for gig doesn’t appear


This bug was fixed in Patch 1.63.133


My Sim is an actor and has accepted a gig. Unfortunately there’s no pop-up appearing for me to go to work.


The error occurs if you travel or reload the game during the time the gig is active.

So far, I’ve duplicated it for the following actions:

  • Reloading the game while you have a gig open (after audition)
  • Travelling to another lot while you have a gig open (after audition)
  • Using Household Manager (after audition)
  • Going to CAS (after audition)

These didn’t trigger it for me

  • Going to build mode and changing things
  • Saving the game
  • Pressing M, then pressing M again to go back
  • Going for a jog in the neighborhood without switching lots
  • Going for a walk  with the dog in the neighborhood without switching lots


There’s currently only a workaround.

  1. Cancel any stuck gigs you already have. You won’t be able to complete them
  2. Get a new gig
  3. If you don’t have the perk that allows you to skip auditions, you’re allowed to travel until you have to go to the audition. I would make sure you’re on the home lot before the audition starts.
  4. Do not travel, Go to CAS, the Map, Household Manager or reload the save game until you get the pop-up to go to work. No Loading screens allowed between the audition and the gig.
  5. It’s no problem to let the the Sim go to the audition or other rabbit hole events. If you have another active career you play in that household, always send the Sim alone.
  6. Once you get the gig pop-up you can join the Sim at the set and do the task there. There should be no problem fulfilling them.
  7. You can then travel again until you get the next gig.
  8. You can save your game in between but not re-load or turn off.