Manually removing New Highlights


Sims 4 is marking new things that come with a pack with a highlight and moves them to the top of the list so that the player immediately sees what’s new.

Most of the time, it’s easy to get rid of those by clicking through the categories but there are reasons when it’s easier to just remove the highlights manually.

  • The highlight isn’t going away although you clicked on the item multiple times.
  • If you reset your user folder to factory, all the highlights of all packs you own (as well as all the messages about each pack) will appear again. It can get exhausting clicking them all again.

The highlights are saved in a file called ReticulatedSplinesView and are easy to edit with an HexEditor to remove all the highlights manually.


Download a HexEditor (z.B. HxD) and install.

Start the program and open the following file: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\ReticulatedSplinesView

Click on Search –> Replace in the menu bar

In the appearing window, choose the tab Hex-Values.

Search for: 06 10 01 and replace the value with 06 10 04

Click on Replace all

I wouldn’t tick the Prompt on Replace as it’s many items. If something goes wrong, you can just delete the file and let the game create a new one.

Repeat the steps for the value 06 10 02

Click on File – Save and close the Hex-Editor

On the next game start, the highlights should be gone.