Changes to minimum requirements for ‘Discover University’ expansion pack

The Requirements have yet again been changed.

See this for the the current Status

System Requirements

In a few days the newest expansion pack Discover University will be released and EA/Maxis has adjusted the minimum requirements again. The change indicates that after the patch the 32 bit version will no longer be supported and the Legacy Edition that was announced earlier this year will probably be released soon.

The adjusted requirements can be found on Origin.

For PC, a 64 bit operation system will now be a requirement. Since Cats & Dogs the requirements do list 64 bit already but in reality it was still possible to play the expansions on 32 bit as well (unsupported). For the upcoming packs this will no longer be the case. If you don’t have a 64 bit operating system, the pack will not run. If you already preordered the pack, I suggest to cancel that or consider an upgrade to 64 bit. All information can be found here: Maxis drops support for 32 bit operating systems and Non-Metal Mac OS machines

For Mac there will be no changes when it comes to 32/64 bit as Mac has always been 64 bit since it came out. There are changes as well though as computers without Metal will no longer be able to run the pack either.

The following Mac computers do support Metal and as long as your operating system is El Capitan or newer, the game should run (Source: