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Restaurant Employees do not appear in Sulani


This issue was fixed in Patch 1.54.120


I have this nice restaurant in Sulani but when I open it, the employees don’t show up. I do get a message that they will come soon, but the podium stays empty and a waiter is also no where to be seen. There is a chef but it’s not the one I hired.


Sulani seems to have an issue with out-of-world Sims. If you invite them, they don’t come, if you throw a party, they don’t arrive and if you travel with such a Sim to a lot in Sulani, they will immediately disappear.

Restaurant employees also need to be Sulani-based for them to show up. In Restaurants you will only see Sims that live nowhere. Because of that, you need to use Sims that were created for Sulani.

Vet Clinics and Retail stores work fine in Sulani.

Sims you see walking around Sulani or vendors can be user as employee for your business and they will show up.


The easiest way is to simply use only Sims that were generated for Sulani. They are easy to spot by their name.

Am einfachste ist es, nur Angestellte einzustellen, die für Sulani generiert wurden. Diese erkennt man relativ einfach am Namen.

The following names are used for random generated Sims that live in Sulani (unhoused)

The names can vary for some languages.

  • Hoapili
  • Akana
  • Iosua
  • Kahananui
  • Kalawai’a
  • Mete
  • Ngata
  • ‘Ōpūnui
  • Paewai
  • Tanielu
  • Tilo
  • Ka’anā’anā
  • Kealoha
  • Elikapika
  • Ausage
  • Hauata
  • Lahela
  • Misipeka
  • Paoa
  • Parata
  • Teheiura
  • Topasna
  • Vainu’upo
  • Lefao
  • Faamoana
  • Savea
  • Kuresa
  • Niu
  • Turei

Unfortunately the pool of employees is limited and you don’t always get the chance to fill each position with such Sims.

There’s a high chance at least one of the Sims is acutally from Sulani which allows the following workaround.

If there isn’t, delete the suggested employees from your game until you get one.


Employ a Sim for each position. At least 1 Sim needs to be from Sulani. It doesn’t matter in which position he works.

Open the restaurant and check which employees show up. The chef always seems to show up but it’s not always the one you hired so make sure it’s the correct one.

Write down the name of your employees that don’t show and also of at least one that did.

Close your restaurant.

Change to the household manager and click on Other Households

Sort their Names von A-Z and pick Unplayed Households and Not in World as filter.

If you want to edit any of your employees, do this now before proceeding further.

Search for your Sulani household.

Pick the household and click on Transfer Sims between households.

In the dialog pick Other Households and Not in World and search for the other employees.

Merge the household with your Sulani household.

Repeat for each employee until you have an employee household

The household will now appear under My Households which makes sure your household doesn’t get culled as well. Do not change this or edit the Sim at this point or the status can get lost again.

Go back to your restaurant and re-open.

The employees should now all show

If you add more employees later, you can just add them to your employee household the same way.

As soon as you play this household or change it in any way, everything you just did can get lost. So just leave as is.