Bad CC
Incompatible Mods

Several Issues with Mermaid


With the new packs, a lot of CC is incompatible for mermaids. At the moment, these need to be removed to get rid of issues but hopefully they’ll be updated soon or a batch fix will become available. Check with the creator and S4Studio for updates and batch fixes.

This mostly concerns skins, makeup, eyelashes, default replacement and overlays

In some cases it’s CC in others it’s mods. To find the faulty things, use the 50/50 Method.

There’s also some lists that can help you


The following issues can be traced back to CC/Mods

  • Sims and mermaids walk on water
  • Mermaids have no faces
  • Mermaids swim normally
  • Mermaids are black
  • Mermaids wear clothing while bathing
  • Mermaids don’t have scales or tails
  • Skin-Overlay appears on tail
  • Mermaids don’t float in CAS.