Technical Issues

Camera is spinning uncontrollably fast


My Sim starts to uncontrollably spin as soon as I click on him. This happens mostly in CAS but also in Live Mode


This issue seems to be connected to the Windows Update 1903 from June 14th 2019.

  • ReShade seems to have issues with this update since the problem was solved for people by uninstalling/closing the program.
  • Gaming Mouse with high sensitivity
  • Incompatible Mods.
  • Other Overlays (Discord, Nvidia, ..)


  1. Roll Back to an earlier version of Windows.
  2. Uninstall/Turn off ReShade.
  3. Turn off Origin in Game.
  4. Turn off Discord Overlay

If this doesn’t help you, try a clean boot to find out if other programs have a conflict.

AHQ Thread

If you have any other solutions or need further help, please use this AHQ thread: [RESHADER RELATED] Spinning Camera issues (Windows Update)

Boo_101102, squeamishsims