Resize Objects


Sims 4 has a cheat that let’s you make objects bigger or smaller.

The objects can be resized with a keyboard shortcut in the build menu.

To do so, select the object and klick the keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcut

They keyboard shortcut varies from country to country and OS to OS. I tried to put together a list of the most common countries below.

If your country isn’t listed, try one of the 4 marked keys (physical location). Also try in combination with SHIFT or ALT Gr.

The following keys are valid for Windows PC. I’m unsure if they also work the same way for Mac.


  • Germany/Austria: ß (smaller) and ´ (bigger)
  • Switzerland: ? (smaller) and ^ (bigger)


  • Denmark, Finnland: ´ (smaller) and å (bigger)
  • Iceland: Ð (smaller) and ? (bigger)
  • Italy: (smaller) and ì (bigger)
  • Latin America, Spain: (smaller) and ¿ (bigger)
  • Norway: \ (smaller) and å (bigger)
  • Sweden: + (smaller) and å (bigger)
  • USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland: [ (smaller) and ] (bigger)


  • Belgium: ) (smaller) and [ (bigger)
  • France: ] (smaller) and ^ (bigger)