[OFFER ENDED] Free Sims 4 Base Game – Questions and Issues

Update May 29th 2019

This offer has now ended.

Since May 21st 2019 you can get the standard edition of the base game for free on Origin.

As always there’s some issues and questions.

Until when is the offer valid ?

This deal is available until May 28th. 2019, 10 AM PDT.

What happens afterwards ? Can I keep the game ?

Yes, the game is yours to keep – forever

I already have the base game. Can I get a pack for free instead ?

No, the deal is only available for the standard edition of the base game.

I have the game on Origin Access (Premium). Can I still get this version ?

Yes. The free version is available even if you currently have a Origin subscription. The advantage: You get to keep the game even if you cancel your membership.

Is there a free version for Console ?

No, the base game is only free for PC and Mac.

I just bought the base game. Is there a possibility to get my money back ?

You can try get a refund through the Great Game Guarantee if you fulfill the requirements. After that you can just get the free version instead.

Where can I get this free version ?

You can get the free version through this link on Origin: Klick on the orange Get It Free button.

Choose the Standard Edition on the next screen. Origin will ask for your EA Account if you’re not logged in and you can log in and add the game to your account.

I only see the option to by the game as gift/buy through Origin Access

Try the following things

  • Delete your browser cache
  • Delete your Origin cache
  • Try to get the game through the Origin client instead of the website.
  • Start your browser in an incognito window and only login when asked to.
  • Add the game to your wish list and get it through that.

Are there any difference to the charged standard version ?

No. The charged standard version is simply free for a limited time.

Clicking the Get it For Free message produces an error: Whoops! An error occurred. Please try again later. [ref.#]

It’s currently unclear why this message occurs but it seems tied to certain countries/Internet Providers.

Please try the suggestions in this post and if they don’t help, answer the questions asked. You can login with your Origin Account at EA AHQ.