Technical Issues

Cheat Console doesn’t open


  • I try to open the cheat console but nothing happens
  • I try to open the cheat console but the game only takes a screenshot
  • The cheat console opens in fullscreen and windowed fullscreen mode but not in windowed mode.

Things to try

  • Make sure you use the correct key combination (CTL-SHIFT-C). Mac uses the same combination.
  • Make sure that no screenshot or other program is running in the back that uses the same key combination like Gyazo. Especially HP computers tend to have pre-installed software that conflict with the cheat shortcut. Make sure to disable those background programs.
  • If you have an AMD Card, check on the settings to check if something else is assigned to the short-cut
  • Make sure that the game has the focus, especially when playing in windowed mode.
  • Try CTL-Shift--C instead.
  • When in build/buy mode, make sure the focus isn’t on the search field.
  • Reset all settings. To do so follow these steps:
    • Close the game.
    • Move this file to the desktop: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Options(.ini).
    • Start the game.
    • The file will be recreated.
    • Unfortunately this will reset all your graphics settings and similar as well and you need to re-set them.
    • Test if the console appears.

Further Reading