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By Design

Certain career cheats aren’t working anymore


Some career cheats found on the net don’t work anymore (also true for the careers.demote cheat)

  • careers.promote scientist
  • careers.promote writer


With the introduction of the freelancer career and the scientists in StrangerVille, some of the commonly used names for the cheats lead to a conflict with the new ones.

Use the full internal career name to help with the issue. You usually don’t have to use the full internal name for something to work but if two names are not distinct from each other, they stop working


The values for cheats can change with any patch depending on what’s getting added. For the career cheats, see provided values below.

If you’re not opposed to mods, you can also look-up the values yourself.

Use the following cheats instead of the ones that aren’t working

  • careers.promote adult_active_scientist
  • careers.promote adult_writer

The cheats for the freelancer career are as follows:

  • careers.promote Adult_Freelancer_Agency_artist or careers.promote artist
  • careers.promote Adult_Freelancer_Agency_Writer
  • careers.promote Adult_Freelancer_Agency_programmer or careers.promote programmer

In the future more careers will probably have conflicts with others. Adding an extra adult can help in most cases.

A helpful tool is the Mod Show/Search Sim Info Mod. In the tab under career it shows the full internal career name that you can use for your cheats.