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Chairs/ Items on Counter Tops disappear from Apartments


This bug was fixed in Patch 1.41.42

There are several other issues where furniture disappears.


When I load my household, all chairs and items I had on my counter are gone. They cannot be found in the household inventory either


Bit unclear at the moment but it seems to happen in apartments and is triggered by switching/visiting another apartment in the same building. Any form of loading a different apartment then the one your playing, seems to trigger the bug.

I’ve duplicate this issue with these steps

  1. Load a save you play in San Myshuno
  2. Visit your neighbor and notice how they have no chairs or items on counters
  3. Go back to your own apartment and notice how they are gone in yours as well.

There’s other scenario that trigger it, such as switching households and going to build mode from manage world. There have also been reports for furniture disappearing from houses but I’ve not been able to replicate that.


You should be able to replace the items but they might disappear again.

How to prevent

Do not go to another apartment in the same building. Don’t go to build mode, don’t visit them.

My recommendation for the moment:

  • Backup your saves
  • Save your houses to the library/gallery
  • Don’t play in apartments at all.