Objects get stuck in inventory


There are stuck objects in my Sims’ inventory and I can neither sell nor move them. Especially the samples from the active careers from Get To Work are affected.


Samples that haven’t been process while your Sim was in the active career will become unusable of you quit the career and can’t be moved. They’re stuck.

The same can happen to other objects but the causes are often unclear.


  • Save your game under a new name (save as)
  • Move all objects that you want to keep either to another household Sim or to somewhere in the world.
  • Make sure the Sim who’s inventory you want to clean is active
  • Use the cheats testingcheats true and then inventory.purge.
  • The cheat will remove ALL objects in your Sims inventory so make sure there’s nothing left you want to keep.
How to use Cheats

How to prevent

Analyse all samples before quitting the career.