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List with possible auditions is empty


This particular bug was fixed in Patch 1.59.73.

There are still reports for most careers that have gigs showing empty lists.


My Sim is an actor and is supposed to go to an audition. Problem is, the list of possible auditions is empty and there are none to pick.


This issue occurs if the Sim doesn’t have any gigs for his current acting agency. It mostly happens if the Sim in questions chooses a higher acting agency although he hasn’t done the basic ones.

The higher agencies become available too soon if the Sim enters at a higher career level without having done the ones from the lower levels.

This can happen in the following cases

  • A cheat was used to cheat up the Sim in the career
  • The Sim has the connection trait and enters on a higher level
  • The Sim was downloaded from the gallery or another save game and is already on a higher level.
  • The pre-made Sim Judith Ward has this bug from the beginning.


Click on Hire a New Acting Agency on the phone and choose a different agency (preferably a lower one)

Klicke auf neue Schauspielagentur engagieren am Telefon und wähle eine andere (am Besten tiefere) Agentur.

Try all of them if it doesn’t work on the first try.

After successfully doing the audition, you can try to switch again.