Open Bugs

Household Sims on different lots don’t take care of their needs



Both issues have been address in Patch 1.52.100 but they seems to still occur.


Sims in my household that are currently on a different lot, don’t attend to their needs although the Care for Self option is activated.

The needs of my toddlers which I sent to daycare are all in the red and no one seems to take care of them.


It seems like the game doesn’t register the option to take care of self properly if you don’t explicitly choose it. The hunger need does seem to go up if you wait long enough though.


For all age groups > toddlers it’s best to choose a different option, then Care for Self again. That should make the game register it. Needs should be going back up afterwards.

Unfortunately, this option does not exist for toddlers. Because of this, don’t leave them at daycare for too long. I suggest to not leave the game while the toddlers are at daycare. Go back home and cheat their needs back up if necessary. Then shut down the game. There have been reports of toddlers being removed from the families because of this.